Specialty Coffee Market Should Grow 12% per Year in Brazil

“It is estimated that around 5% to 10% of the coffee consumed in Brazil is specialty coffee…”

Pedro Lima is the president of Grupo 3corações, has a degree in agronomy from Escola Superior de Agricultura de Mossoró, and was named entrepreneur of the year by EY Consulting.

AgriBrasilis – What kind of coffee is considered as “specialty coffee”?

Pedro Lima – For a coffee to be considered specialty coffee, it must obtain at least 80 points according to the SCA’s (Specialty Coffee Association) Sensory Assessment Methodology.

3corações’ specialty coffees start at 82 points for the Gourmet product line and the recently launched Rituais product line is above the 85 points-scale.

AgriBrasilis – What are the main demands of the Brazilian consumers? And what about the international market?

Pedro Lima – Coffee is present in 98% of Brazilian homes and, from the traditional to the super special categories, consumption is growing. The demand for gourmet and specialty coffees stands because of its double-digit growth every year, with significant potential for market penetration.

Consumers are increasingly curious about the world of coffee. National and global trends include the search for sustainability, indulgent experiences, practicality, personalization, transparency, innovation, etc.

As the largest coffee company in Brazil, with more than 32.9% market share, we are proud of Brazilian coffee.

“Coffee is present in 98% of Brazilian homes”

AgriBrasilis – What is the size of the specialty coffee market in Brazil and how much is it expected to grow in the coming years?

Pedro Lima – It is estimated that around 5% to 10% of the coffee consumed in Brazil is specialty coffee. Consumption began around two decades ago and has increased in recent years, especially with the entry of 3corações with specialty coffees in the Brazilian market since 2014.

Consumption should continue increasing by around 12% per year, with the engagement of farmers and greater knowledge and appreciation of the product on the part of consumers. Currently, 3corações represents more than 60% of the market share in specialty coffees.

AgriBrasilis – What is the profile of the premium coffee farmer?

Pedro Lima – According to a research performed by the Brazilian Coffee Industry Association – ABIC, 83% of coffee consumers are classified as “General Public” and represent those who drink regular coffee, out of habit, and who do not understand about specialty coffees, it is just not a part of their day to day life.

12% of consumers are the so-called “Enthusiasts” and represent those who have become interested in gourmet, premium coffees, who understand a little about the subject and have aroused their curiosity about specialty coffees.

Finally, 5% of the consumers are “Specialists” who represent those who know a lot about coffee, who have already taken a course on the subject. This category represents people who might even work in the area, who talk about the subject in a technical way and have coffee as part of their lifestyle.

AgriBrasilis – You said that the climate could generate a new migration of coffee crops. Why and where should they migrate?

Pedro Lima – The global agricultural sector has suffered from climate change in recent years. These changes negatively affect coffee farming due to factors such as rising temperatures, water scarcity and the occurrence of extreme weather events.

However, coffee is a perennial crop and, therefore, changing crops or location is quite complex and often unfeasible. Thinking about mitigating climate impacts, farmers have invested heavily in sustainable agricultural practices, seeking to build an environment with greater crop protection and greater resistance to deal with adverse conditions.

AgriBrasilis – 3corações is responsible for 30% of the coffee sold in Brazil. What are the plans and investments for the coming years?

Pedro Lima – 3corações is the largest coffee company in the country and has a 32.9% market share. We are always reinventing ourselves and modernizing processes and products to be with consumers at all stages of their lives.

Consumers are increasingly paying attention to topics related to health and well-being, and the data reflects a growing concern for the environment. In response to these demands, 3corações has been at the forefront of innovation, launching new products that meet consumer needs and desires for more conscious, ethical and sustainable food choices.



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