Biological Summit 2024

Join us at the Biological Summit 2024 on April 4th-5th in São Paulo. A 2-day, high-level conference offering unique opportunities:


🌱 Cutting-Edge Insights: Explore the latest trends and advancements in biologicals with real-world impact.

🌍 High-Impact Networking: Connect with sustainable agriculture industry leaders, experts, and visionaries.

👐 Interactive Workshops: Gain actionable strategies through hands-on sessions.

🤝 Business Opportunities: Discover partnerships, collaborations, and investment prospects in biological and agriculture.

🌿 Biocontrol Innovations: Learn about breakthrough technologies transforming agriculture.

🌎 Sustainability Solutions: Explore vital practices for our food ecosystem.

🤝 Networking and Collaboration: Forge meaningful connections with like-minded professionals.


The Biological Summit drives innovation and collaboration in sustainable agriculture, uniting leaders, researchers, and experts in biocontrol technologies. Let’s accelerate eco-friendly solutions for a resilient, eco-conscious, and productive global agriculture. Contact us at for more details and participation options. Don’t miss out!

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