Brazil Agrochemical Update 08/24

Brazilian Agrochemical Market Fertilizer and Pesticide News

Pesticides and Fertilizers in Brazil

  • Government of the State of Mato Grosso do Sul waives obligation of invoice for transportation of empty packages and caps of pesticides through Decree No. 16012, of August 19th, 2022. Presentation of invoice is waived as long as it is replaced by a statement containing the traceability number of the collection request; sender, recipient and carrier data; and description of the material. Objective is to encourage compliance with environmental laws. (Official Press of the Government of the State of Mato Grosso do Sul)
  • It is estimated that 5% to 10% of fertilizers needed have not yet been sold for the 2022/23 soybean harvest. For the second corn harvest, planted after February 2023, only 30% of the fertilizers needed to fertilize the farms were purchased. (Mosaic Fertilizantes)
  • Potássio Autazes project, by Potássio do Brasil, will explore potash mines using a sustainable method, which will not cause damage to the soil and environment. Silvinite, a rock composed of sodium chloride and potassium chloride, will be extracted. Company aims to achieve an average production of 2.4 million tonnes per year. (Potássio do Brasil)
  • UPL and Oro Agri announce a partnership for co-distribution and development of orange oil, an effective biological solution against pests and diseases, with fungicidal, insecticidal and acaricide functions. (UPL; Oro Agri)
  • MAPA releases list of pesticide registration prioritization of 28 products. Objective is to prioritize products that control the most important pests in Brazilian agriculture. Six priority pests did not have any eligible application requests for registration. (Ministry of Agriculture)
  • Fertilizantes Heringer’s stock fell 13.3% after the company reported investigations into allegations of fraud. Heringer is in judicial recovery (Chapter Eleven) and has gradually resumed operations, with 12 mixing plants in operation and two still inactive. Fertilizer deliveries increased 1.8% in the second quarter compared to same period in 2021, reaching 242 thousand tonnes (Fertilizantes Heringer)
  • In compliance with court decision, Anvisa approves toxicological evaluation of the pesticides lufenuron + bifenthrin (Globachem) and spirodiclofen (Cropchem). (Anvisa)
  • Special Action Group for Repression of Organized Crime in the State of São Paulo and Federal Highway Police executed warrants in the city of Franca and surrounding regions against gang specialized in counterfeiting pesticides through operation called “Piratas do Agro“, or Pirates of Agriculture. Thirty-two court orders were issued against members of the organization. (Gaeco; PRF)
  • Adama will implement traceability solutions in pesticide packaging in early 2023, seeking to inhibit the sale and use of adulterated or stolen inputs. An integrated software system will allow the identification of product history, such as origin, destination and other details. (Adama)
  • Fertilizer imports totaled 21.8 million tonnes since the beginning of 2022. Volume is 14.7% higher compared to same period in 2021. The increase happened because of the anticipation of purchases made by the industry, due to forecast of shortages caused by the war between Russia and Ukraine. (Itaú BBA)
  • Fertilizer consumption may decline 6.2% by the end of 2022, reaching 43 million tonnes. Failure of the last summer harvest contributed to the fact that soils contain reserves and still do not need fertilizer application. (MB Agro)
  • Soybean production costs increased 26.6% in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul. Variable costs, that includes inputs such as seeds, fertilizers and pesticides, are the main factor responsible for the increase, with a share of 91.17% in the total cost. (Aprosoja)
  • Federal Court determines that Ibama must conclude environmental reassessment of thiamethoxam and clothianidin within six months and must start and conclude environmental reassessment of fipronil within 12 months. In up to 30 days, Ibama should present a schedule that meets established deadlines, while MAPA and Anvisa should manifest themselves to join the case as interested parties. (Federal Court of Rio Grande do Sul State, 9th Federal Court of Porto Alegre)
  • Renato Seraphim took over as Chief Marketing Officer at UPL Brasil. At Corteva, Paulo Pimentel is the new leader of Brevant Sementes for Brazil and Paraguay, while Guilherme Caldeira took over as marketing manager for the pasture products line. (Corteva; UPL Brasil)
  • Some farmers are waiting for prices to drop in order to purchase fertilizer, which can create a logistical problem at the crucial time,” said the Minister of Agriculture in a conference at the Brazilian Cotton Congress. There is possibility of a logistical bottleneck of fertilizer delivery in the 2022/23 season, even though inputs are already in the country.  (13th Brazilian Cotton Congress, held by Abrapa)


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