Brasil Agrochemical Update 02/23

  • Ministry of Agriculture publishes new Reference Specification (ER) for a new active ingredient, produced by a parasitoid wasp, Tetrastichus howardi, for the management of two important pests, sugarcane borer, Diatraea saccharalis, and brown-colored caterpillar, Thyrinteina arnobia, which attack eucalyptus. (MAPA)
  • Acron’s fertilizer plant located in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul shall start operating in 2027. (Acron Group)
  • Minister of Agriculture goes to Iran with the objective to negotiate fertilizer supply increase. (MAPA)
  • Regional Court Federal maintains decision against the spraying of pesticides in Nova Santa Rita, RS, rejecting appeals from the Union, Fepam and farmers. (Federal Court of Rio Grande do Sul)
  • Federal government announces that it has a ready National Fertilizer Plan with the objective to increase investments in fertilizer production and to reduce imports by 60%. (Federal Government)
  • Russian holding PhosAgro intends to expand fertilizer exports to Brazil, due to the introduction of new restrictions and taxes on Russian products by other countries like China and USA. (PhosAgro)
  • Ministry of Agriculture publishes approval of 14 registrations of  equivalent technical pesticides. (MAPA)
  • Iran shall exchange fertilizers for animal feed inputs and corn  with Brazil. (Aprosoja-MT)(IRIB)
  • Scientists from UFSCar use biodegradable material to encapsulate agricultural fertilizers, reducing the amount of product applied and its environmental impacts, increasing it efficiency. (FAPESP)