Immediate Suspension in Brazil of Ibama's Restrictions on Thiamethoxam, According to Syngenta


“Thiamethoxam is safe for all applications provided for in the leaflets of formulated products based on this active ingredient”

Official Court Decision regarding thiamethoxam

According to Syngenta Crop Protection’s note:

Syngenta Crop Protection confirms that on Monday, April 22nd of 2024, the Brazilian Federal Regional Court of the 1st Region granted an Urgent Protection in the form of an Interlocutory Appeal (Case number: 1009489-39.2024.4.01.0000). In practice, this decision means that there should be the immediate withdrawal of restrictions regarding the commercialization and the prohibition, suspension or restriction of use, production or import of Thiamethoxam that was determined by IBAMA’s Official Notice, published on February 22nd of 2024 in the Official Federal Gazette of Brazil.

In their decision, the Judge of the Federal Regional Court, in compliance with the technical and legal statement of the Ministry of Agriculture, clarifies the need to comply with Law No. 14785/2023, which appoints the Ministry of Agriculture – MAPA, as the pesticide registering agency, as the authority with competence to adopt measures arising from a pesticide reevaluation process. The Judge also highlights that, in accordance with the same Law, to restrict the use of an already registered product, it is necessary for the Ministry of Agriculture to establish a phytosanitary plan to replace the product, with the aim of controlling biological targets that may be left without control alternatives in the integrated pest management, which did not occur in this present case.

According to our statements throughout the reevaluation process, we reinforce that Thiamethoxam is safe for all applications provided for in the leaflets of formulated products based on this active ingredient, which include the necessary recommendations for use. The company’s position is based on the results of years of studies, which included the participation of several researchers, who brought solid scientific foundations and support  to our arguments.

Thiamethoxam is an important tool for Brazilian agriculture, essential for planting crops such as corn, soybeans, cotton, sugarcane, coffee, rice and oranges. It is also registered for use in more than 80 countries, including Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, the US, Japan and Mexico.



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