Beggining of environmental reassessment of pesticides containing fipronil

Notice No. 13577989 from Ibama, of September 8, 2022

The president of the Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama) communicates:

  1. The beginning of the process of environmental reassessment of pesticide products containing the active ingredient fipronil;
  2. Within 30 days, counting from the publication of this notice, the registration holders or applicants of the products listed in the tables in the Annex below must individually submit to Ibama the documents and information set out in Annex II of Ibama Normative Instruction no. 17, of 05/01/2009;
  3. Products based on the active ingredient fipronil that already have the result of the assessment of the Potential for Environmental Hazard (PPA) issued by Ibama, but whose registration has not been issued by the competent authority, will also be reassessed and will be subject to the same requirements mentioned in the previous item;
  4. Prohibitions and guidelines regarding the application of pesticide products based on thiamethoxam and fipronil are reiterated, provided for in the Joint Normative Instruction SDA/Mapa/Ibama No. 1, of December 28th, 2012 and the Joint Normative Instruction SDA/ Map/Ibama No. 1, of December 31, 2014;
  5. The proceedings of the appraisal claims for the purposes of registration and alteration of registration referring to items I, II, III, V of § 4 of art. 22 of Decree No. 4,074, of January 4, 2002 of formulated products containing the active ingredient fipronil already presented to this Institute and those that may be filed are now suspended.