Brazil Agrochemical Update 08/03

Brazilian Agrochemical Market Fertilizer and Pesticide News

Agrochemicals and fertilizers in Brazil 

  • Increase of 23.1% in fertilizer discharges at the Port of Santos, reaching 4.1 million tonnes in the first half of 2022. (Port of Santos)
  • Yara carries out the first cabotage operation in Brazil for bulk fertilizers, transporting 15,000 tonnes of the product. Fertilizers produced in Rio Grande, city of the state Rio Grande do Sul, will be shipped to São Luís, in the state of Maranhão. (Yara)
  • Diverted load of 34 tonnes of fertilizers, valued at US$ 38 thousand, is recovered in Serra, in the state of Espírito Santo. (Specialized Police Station for Crimes Against Cargo Transport)
  • Biotrop announces a longer shelf life of its biopesticides through the stabilization of the formulations, now offering 36 months of shelf life without the need for refrigeration. Shelf life is one of the biggest challenges in the biopesticides market, as the formulations are composed of live microorganisms. (Biotrop)
  • 2,4-D drift and other hormonal pesticides denouncements decrease 32% in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, from 144 cases between August and December of 2020 to 98 in the same period in 2021. Most cases were in grapes (59.3% ), pecan (4.16%) and olives (2.08%). (Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Rural Development)
  • BASF announces the launch of a fungicide against foliar diseases composed of ametoctradine + dimethomorph, officially presented during Hortitec, a fair for the horticulture sector. (BASF)
  • UPL wins Visão Agro Award, elected for the first time the best agricultural pesticides company in the Center-South. (Vision Agro Award)
  • Higher demand for pesticides for the 2022 winter cultivations, especially for wheat. It is estimated that 70% of the total pesticides needed for the 2022/23 season are already in Brazil. (Consultoria Cogo Inteligência em Agronegócio)
  • Coopercitrus acquires input retailer, Tamburi Agronegócios, located in Nova Crixás, State of Goiás, operating 140 thousand hectares, in 37 cities. Transaction value was not disclosed. (Coopercitrus)
  • Yara issues an Agribusiness Receipt Certificate of approximately US$ 100.2 million to finance clients. Resources shall be allocated to make purchases of fertilizers easier, carried out by 26 retailers of inputs and cooperatives. Operation was structured and issued by Ecoagro. (Yara; Ecoagro)
  • Administrative Council for Economic Defense approves acquisition of Agro Mercantil by Nutrien, carried out at the end of June. (CADE)
  • In compliance with court decision, Anvisa approves toxicological evaluation of the pesticides triclopyr-butyl 480 EC (Cropchem); clomazone + sulfentrazone (Ourofino Agrociência); and 2,4-D (Albaugh). (Anvisa)
  • TMF Fertilizantes announces an investment of US$ 13 million to expand its manufacturing unit located in Pains, MG, Brazil. The objective is to increase storage and loading capacity. (TMF Fertilizantes)


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