Brazil Agrochemical Update 07/27

Brazilian Agrochemical Market Fertilizer and Pesticide News

Agrochemicals in Brazil 

  • Increase in imports of raw fertilizers of 172%, and of 179.6% in the case of chemical fertilizers from the beginning of the year up to the fourth week of July. Category of insecticides, rodenticides, fungicides, herbicides, plant growth regulators, disinfectants and the like showed an increase of 127.3%. (Ministry of Economy)
  • Israeli company Groundwork BioAg acquires part of NovaTero BioAg, based in the city of Joinville, State of Santa Catarina. Both operate in the biological products segment. Transaction value was not disclosed. (NovaTero BioAg; Groundwork BioAg)
  • Approximately US$ 170 thousand of stolen crop protection products were recovered by the Civil Police in the city of Vacaria, State of Rio Grande do Sul. (Civil Police of the City of Vacaria)
  • Sinagro reinforces agri-input distribution network in the State of Mato Grosso. Four new branches were inaugurated in June. According to Renato Guimarães, CEO of Sinagro, the company started the year with 30 branches and should end 2022 with 63. Their aim is to reach 85 branches by the end of 2024. Expected revenue is approximately US$ 840 million in 2022. (Sinagro)
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Civil Police seize 183 tonnes of illegal fertilizers sold without proper registration, in the city of Colombo, State of Paraná. (MAPA)
  • Morro da Onça community demands compensation from Suzano Papel e Celulose for applying pesticides in eucalyptus using drones. Residents claim that drift during application is harmful to the community’s crops. (Associação Quilombola Morro da Onça)
  • Nutrien acquires Casa do Adubo, comprising 39 stores under Casa do Adubo brand and 10 redistribution sites under Agrodistribuidor Casal brand. Acquisition shall expand Nutrien’s presence from five to 13 states. (Nutrien)
  • José Roberto Marquis and Ricardo del Razo assume positions of industrial executive director and technology director, respectively, at Unigel. (Unigel)
  • International Prize Bayer Crop Science 2022 “Grants4Ag” was awarded to Professor Alexandre Ten Caten, from the Federal University of Santa Catarina State. Caten researches soil sensing that allows measuring availability of nutrients for plants, helping with the correct application of fertilizers. (UFSC)
  • Marcelo Leonessa leaves the position of Vice President South America at BASF and assumes the position of CEO at Effatha Tecnologia. (Effatha Technology)
  • Seized cargo containing 3.8 tonnes of illegal pesticides, valued at approximately US$ 746.26 thousand, in the city of Antônio João, State of Mato Grosso do Sul, on the border with Paraguay. (Border Operations Department)
  • BASF performs a study on good environmental, social and governance practices for Holambra Cooperativa Industrial through Fundação Espaço ECO, which will result in the basis for Holambra’s action plan focused on sustainability. (Fundação Espaço ECO)
  • State of Minas Gerais amends value added tax on commerce and services regulation through Decree No. 48469 from 07/21/2022, waiving collection on imports of products classified as active ingredient, technical product or formulated product, carried out by pesticide industries. (Official Gazette of Minas Gerais State)
  • Kynetec, specialized in market research in animal health and agriculture, acquires Spark do Brasil, provider of data and analyses on the use of crop protection products, seeds, nutrition and biological products. Spark team shall join Kynetec’s global team. (Spark; Kynetec)
  • Partnership beetween Vitória da Conquista City Hall and Empresa Baiana de Águas e Saneamento, a water treating company, should provide free fertilizers to small farmers in the city. Fertilizer will be produced from sludge, a sediment rich in nutrients, accumulated by Embasa’s two sewage treatment plants. Thirty tonnes of the by-product are produced per day. (Vitória da Conquista City Hall)



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