Overview by AgriBrasilis (24th - 30th April)

Notícias América Latina /News on Latin American agribusiness sobre o agronegócio

Last two sorghum harvests were marked by the appearance of sugarcane yellow aphid (Melanaphis sacchari), a pest with high rates of reproduction, which can cause enormous damage. Companies seek to develop sorghum cultivars with aphid tolerance. Recently, Tobin Semillas demonstrated its aphid-tolerant hybrid varieties during Expo Tobin 2022. (Tobin Semillas)

Corn production is expected to reach 52 million tonnes in the 2022/23 harvest, in an area of 6.75 million hectares. (USDA)

Possible crop failure due to drought in the State of  Mato Grosso. In the city of Sapezal there are already 50 days without rain, while other 9 cities have more than 22 days of drought. Rainfall volume is the lowest in the last 17 years in April. (Aprosoja; EarthDaily Agro)

Sugarcane harvest in 2021/22 reaches a total amount of 585.2 million tonnes. It represents a 10.6% drop compared to last season. Reduction is explained because of drought during the production cycle and low temperatures recorded in June and July 2021. (National Supply Company)

Strong winds and hail hit west of the state of Paraná and south of state of Mato Grosso do Sul, damaging corn plants and killing animals. In some areas, corn losses reach 100%. (Civil Defense)

Hass avocado cultivation grows 800% in 4 years. Around 95% is for exports. Brazil exports to the European Union, United Arab Emirates and Argentina. (Brazilian Avocado Association)

Indian tractor company Mahindra will transfer manufacturing units of Dois Irmãos and Canoas to only one city in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, with the expectation of creating a manufaturing site that delivers a volume 3 times greater than the current operating capacity. Currently, 2,500 tractors are delivered per year. (Mahindra)

Researchers from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile carried out experiments with the most popular watermelon varieties in the country, proving that it is possible to increase yields through grafting techniques. (PUC Chile)

IQ Berries in partnership with Osiris Plant Management in 2021, a plant genetic improvement company, intellectual property management and marketing of innovative fruit varieties, to make new blueberry varieties available, with a high brix degree. (IQ Berries)

99.2% of cattle under 24 months were vaccinated against foot-and-mouth disease at the border with Venezuela. 1.6 million animals were vaccinated. Additional vaccination cycle was carried out between February 14 and March 18, following the recommendation of the World Organization for Animal Health. (Colombian Agricultural Institute)

Cargo with 1,343 containers of bananas left Puerto Bolívar for Europe. (MAG)

Mexican hass avocados are once again being exported to costa rica, after 6 years in which a sanitary measure was in force to prevent the entry of sunblotch disease, caused by a viroid that affects avocado trees, into the country. (OMC)

Increased demand for Mexican pork in the US, increasing exports by 37% in the first 4 months of 2022. (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development)

Presence of highly pathogenic avian influenza was confirmed in two commercial poultry production sheds in Coahuila. Affected farm was quarantined and the immediate sacrifice of 70,000 birds was ordered. (National Agri-Food Health, Safety and Quality Service)

Economic activity halted in February due to contractions in the industrial and agricultural sector. (Nasdaq)

Movement of Paraguayan cargo destined for the Container Terminal of Paranaguá, in Brazil, grows almost tenfold in 2021, when compared to the previous year, going from 600 to 5500 containers. Highlight for the participation of pesticides and frozen beef. (TCP)

Ministry of Agriculture and Pilar City Council carry out training for farmers and delivery of vegetable seeds and hybrid corn in the Ñeembucú and Central regions. (MAG)