Overview by AgriBrasilis (January 6th - 12th)

2021/22 soybean harvest has problems caused by strong climate adversities. Grain quality is irregular. (Crop Tour Argentina 2022)

It is necessary to reinforce monitoring in soybean lots due to thrip (Thysanoptera) that causes concerns of severe damages in years of drought. (Institute of Agricultural Technology – INTA)

In Corrientes region fire burns more than 300 thousand hectares and government allocates around US$ 2 million to help agriculture. (Institute of Agricultural Technology- INTA)

Water shortage in Santa Fé generates an estimated impact of US$ 4.8 million on the economy. (Rosario Stock Exchange)

Even though the 30.7% increase of milk price, product remains the cheapest in the world. (Observatorio de la Cadena Láctea Argentina – OCLA)

February shall be the peak of Lã Niña phenomenon, that shall only start to lower intensity next month. According to forecasts climate should remain dry until Winter. (AZ Group)

Ministry of Agriculture provides water wells in the Oruru region to boost agriculture. (Ministry of Rural Development and Lands)

Corn liquidity is low. Consumers are resistant to purchase the cereal at high prices caused mainly by drought. (CEPEA)

Rural credit contracts for the 2021/2022 season in a total amount of US$ 33 billion in 7 months. Noteworthy is the 69% increase in price credits for corn, soybeans and coffee due to price increase. (Agricultural Policy Department – SPA)

Soybean harvest increases 7.56%, with Mato Grosso is ranked first in production. The grain still bears due to excessive rainfall. (AgResource Brazil)

Federal Justice determines the Union and the State Foundation for Environmental Protection of Rio Grande do Sul State (Fepam) present report with the measures being adopted to inspect, monitor and protect areas with agroecological production and sensitive crops in the Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre. (9th Federal Court of Porto Alegre)

Bayer announces investment of US$ 575 thousand for sustainable projects in cooperatives. Cooxupé and Coopercitrus shall receive US$ 287 thousand each to help with implementation and specialized consultancy in sustainable projects. (Bayer)

Raise of 60% of soybean harvest in 22/23 season. Fertilizer and pesticide high prices should raise the average cost of the grain. (Imea)

House of Representatives pass Bill No. 6299/02, on urgent basis, that changes pesticide registration procedures. (House of Representatives)

Export record of fresh fruit, left the port “San Vicente Terminal Internacional de Talcahuan” towards Los Angeles, USA, in cold rooms and containers. There are 9,210 fruit pallets. (San Vicente International Terminal – SVTI)

Meat, cattle and dairy exports exceeded US$ 427 billion in 2021. Between January and December, 56,790 tons of meat and offal were shipped, 66.4% more than the 34,124 tons sold in 2020. (Ministry of Agriculture)

In January, approximately 30% more beef was exported to the US compared to the previous year, totaling 114,863 tonnes. (Mexican Beef)

Sugarcane growers obtain tax exemption when the income does not exceed US$ 43 thousand. Farmers can be exempt of payment of 1.25% tax. (Finances Ministry)

Increase of rice planted. For the 2021-2022 agricultural season, 92,689 hectares were planted, out of the 90,544.6 hectares planned for this period. (National Agriculture Directorate of the Ministry of Agricultural Development – MIDA)

National potato production grew by 83.9% in the last 5 years. (MIDA)

Agricultural credit shall refinance debts owed by farmers affected by drought and make new loans for replanting. (CAH)

Fertilizer prices shall reach the peak, having recorded an increase of 163.9% in 2021. 89.5% of fertilizers are imported. (Midalgri)

Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries extended for 90 days agricultural emergency caused by drought, in addition to incorporating 4 new Departments in the North and East. (MGAP)

23 cold stores are authorized to export beef, sheep and poultry to Egypt. (MGAP)

Vaccination against foot-and-mouth disease has started. (MGAP)

Government of Venezuela, together with Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the European Union, sign an agreement to develop family farming and promote food security in the country. (FAO)