Overview by AgriBrasilis (10th - 16th October)

Sale of the 2020/21 crop of soybean reached 65% (assessed until September 29 – Ministry of Agriculture)

Argentina issues alert for chemical and biological control of the vine moth, Lobesia botrana. The pest attacks the bunches of grapes and feeds on the fruit. (National Health Service and Food and Agricultural Quality of Argentina – Senasa)

Seizure of contrabanded grains and other products from Argentine and Brazil totaled US$ 63.6 million in nine months. Customs strengthened control operations close to the borders (El Deber)

Importers will save 50% after agreement signed with the Port Company of Arica (EPA). On average 75% of Bolivian cargo, both import and export, passes through the Chilean port terminal. (Administration of Port Services of Bolivia /ASP-B)

Peanut crop increased by 3.6% in the area to be sown, compared to the previous cycle, with production of 613.5 thousand tons. (National Supply Company – Conab).

Trade balance registered a surplus of US$ 1.102 billion (Secretariat of Foreign Trade – Secex)

Sugar futures contracts close down on the international exchanges despite a 19% drop in Brazilian production (UDOP – National Bioenergy Union)

Sale of the 21/22 cotton crop reaches 48.35%, caused by the increase in the future price of lint on the NY exchange and strong external demand

Decree establishes new rules for registration and research of pesticides. Changes involve production, research, registration, use, import and export of pesticides. The objective is to reformulate the records analysis process, to facilitate research with pesticides, enabling innovations, and to protect pesticide applicators. (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply)

Minerva Foods achieves 100% social and environmental compliance in an audit carried out by the MPF in Pará (Minerva Foods)

ANVISA calls procymidone for toxicological revaluation. 8 companies were listed by ANVISA for discussions about timeline, proceedings and deadline. These companies have approved or ongoing procymidone registrations.

Brazil exports 3.111 million bags of coffee in September. As a result, coffee exports in the first three months of the 2021/22 crop year reached 8.817 million bags

Beginning of the 2021-2022 avocado harvest with expected production of 220 thousand tons. This volume is 57% higher compared to the 2020-2021 campaign, which ended with 140 thousand tons. (Avocado Committee)
Scientific Committee on Dairy Products promotes nutritional research, with the aim of ensuring up-to-date scientific evidence that contributes to the consumption of dairy products and their effects on people’s health. (Scientific Dairy Commission)

Government’s “Agriculture by Contract” project, 17,000 families of bean farmers will export to the United States.


Inaugurated Molecular Biology Laboratory with a focus on combating coffee rust, developing new varieties and genetic material for the bean, and identifying plants that are more tolerant to drought and more resilient to climate change.


Up to 10% increase in grain guarantee prices in 2022, in support of producers. New prices are a necessary update to offset the inflation accumulated in recent years (Ministry of Agriculture)



UN declares that the country violated the right of indigenous people to their lands by failing to prevent contamination from the use of pesticides.


Agribusiness exports grow 17% and reach $4.98 billion in the first eight months of the year. Fresh avocado, grapes, mangoes, blueberries, asparagus and coffee were the main products. Avocado shipments exceeded $1 billion in August. (Ministry of Agriculture)