Poultry sales in the holiday season in Brazil

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Interview with BRF’s Communication

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the required precautions there was a change how to celebrate holiday season in Brazil.  In an interview with AgriBrasilis, BRF’s Communication  shares the poultry industry sales expectations for the period.

BRF is the leading player in poultry industry in Brazil and in the world.



AgriBrasilis – How much is expected of sales increase of chicken, turkey and other poultry goods during the holiday season when compared to the rest of the year?

BRF – This year purchases are more protracted than it used to be, due to the acceleration of online sales and the caution to avoid overcrowding at the markets. Besides, about 40% of consumers wait until the last three days to buy these products, the main reason being lack of space in the freezer.

It’s also important to emphasize that BRF, one of the largest food industry companies in the world and owner of famous brands as Sadia, Perdigão and Qualy, celebrates the holiday season with a large number of releases, totaling 14 products in 2020, against only four in 2019. Overall the company has 30 itens dedicated to make Christmas meals even tastier.


AgriBrasilis – What does BRF can say about overall consumption habits during the pandemic? What have changed in the Brazilian meals?

BRF – Since the beginning of the isolation we have been noticing several changes in consumers’ habits. This change in consumption has been “forced”, because people are staying at their homes, rarely going out, preparing their own meals, what caused a growth in margarine and frozen foods sales.

This is a situation that should remain because many companies will in home office, what makes this change in eating behavior remain, because people started to choose easier and more practical solutions to prepare at home.

Frozen foods, for instance, last longer, they can be stored for a long time, are practical and quick to be prepared.

During the quarantine the most popular products were frozen hamburgers, coat breaded meat and frozen meals as lasagnas. Margarine, for example, has a simple reason to be so popular: people at home bake more cakes, pies and snacks, all this recipes share the same ingredient, margarine.