BRA Agroquímica from Brazil sells pesticide registrations to Canadian company Nutrien

BRA Agroquímica’s Executive Director comments on commercial activity


AgriBrasilis – According to the statement published by BRA Agroquímica, will it only sell products whose records are now sold to Nutrien?
Victor Vargas – BRA is a privately held company and 100% Brazilian, and continues with its registrations and brands of herbicides and insecticides aimed at pasture crop. The transaction with NUTRIEN was restricted to registrations (products) aimed specifically at crops such as soybeans, corn, cotton, coffee, sugar cane, among others. NUTRIEN will start selling these products under its own brand directly from suppliers approved in these registrations.

AgriBrasilis – How many approved and ongoing registrations of technical and
formulated products were part of this negotiation?

Victor Vargas – According to the official publication of the companies, there were around 100 registrations between technical and formulated products approved and under registration.

AgriBrasilis – How will BRA perform from now on?
Victor Vargas – BRA owns its records and imports and / or formulates its products here in Brazil. We always show a strong appetite for pasture crop, with most of its revenue coming from this market. We have serviced resellers, distributors and ranchers at the BRAZIL level. We have a commercial team all focused on this segment and even a warehouse in the city of Redenção, in the state of Pará, precisely to be close to one of the largest livestock centers in the world. We have an entire product portfolio that meets all the needs of our customers. In addition, we have in the process of registering assets such as Triclopir, Fluroxypir, Metsulfuron-methyl and other mixtures that must be approved within one to two years. Thus, we will have all the relevant assets for this crop so important for our country.

AgriBrasilis – What is the attractiveness of the pasture market in relation to large crops, such as soybeans, cotton, corn, …?
Victor Vargas – The crops that have the greatest impact on Brazilian agriculture are soy, sugar cane and corn. We are also an excellent producer of cotton and coffee. It is important to point out that Brazilian livestock is extremely competitive in the international market and our pasture is still not treated enough to reach the real capacity for beef production. The greater the investment in the treatment of pastures, the better the results. Even though grassland is considered a niche crop in Brazil, we need to remember that our country is continental in size. We see great attractiveness in this segment due to the strong growth potential, low delinquency rates and pesticide sales terms that are more attractive than in large crops.

AgriBrasilis – What are BRA’s medium and long-term goals?
Victor Vargas – Our main objective in the medium and long term is to increase our presence in the pasture segment and offer the best technologies that exist in herbicides, insecticides and leaf nutrition to our customers with the best cost-benefit ratio.