Brazil Agrochemical Update - 12/21/2022

Brazilian Agrochemical Market Fertilizer and Pesticide News

Senate Committee Approves Analysis of Bill 1459/2022

Senate committee approves analysis of Bill 1459/2022, that facilitates use of pesticides in Brazil. Bill was approved by the rapporteur, senator Acir Gurgacz. One of the proposed amendments is that the expression “agrotóxico” (made by the words toxic and agriculture) be replaced by “pesticide”. Bill also provides for the responsibility for allowing the use of pesticide products to be concentrated on the Ministry of Agriculture, but if the product is not approved by Anvisa, the Ministry will have to accept the decision. Bill has been under analysis for 23 years and intends to streamline the process for releasing more modern pesticides. Matter followed on an urgent basis for analysis by the Senate Plenary. “Anvisa and Ibama will always continue to have the same importance they had until now for the approval or rejection of any product. We made a change, excluding two words; these two words made a huge difference. The process enters the Ministry of Agriculture, goes for Anvisa, Anvisa makes an analysis report. When it returns, MAPA is obliged to accept that report. This change was made to give full autonomy to Anvisa and Ibama,” said senator Acir Gurcácz. (Rádio Senado)

Marcelo Okamura will be the new CEO of the National Institute of Empty Packages – inpEV after February 1st, 2023. Okamura participated in inpEV and in the management of the Campo Limpo companies as an adviser, having served as chairman of the Board of Directors and Board of Directors for both entities. (inpEV; Campo Limpo)

Aroeira signs a partnership with Agrion to build an organomineral fertilizer factory in Tupaciguara, State of Minas Gerais. (Aroeira; Agron)

Syngenta, in partnership with agribusiness entities in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, promoted training to share knowledge on seed treatment for 120 technicians from Emater-RS and Senar-RS. Objective was to train technicians to disseminate information to farmers in the State. Events lasted from one to three days. (Syngenta; Emater-RS; Senar-RS)

MAPA carries out the 10th task force of 2022 to seize irregular fertilizers. Inspection carried out in the State of Mato Grosso involved 13 fertilizer manufacturers and two commercial establishments in the region of Rondonópolis and Primavera do Leste. 56 tonnes of solid mineral fertilizer, 169,000 liters of fluid mineral fertilizer and 201,000 liters of organic fertilizer were seized. 21 samples of solid and fluid fertilizers were collected for compliance analysis. “Seven companies were embargoed in whole or in part for having equipment with obvious defects or for not carrying out product monitoring analyzes as provided for in quality control procedures”, according to the federal agricultural inspector, Luiz Henrique Pires. (Ministry of Agriculture)

Operação Ponto Final, carried out in the State of Mato Grosso, recorded 11 court orders against criminal associations involved in the theft of pesticides. Investigations were initiated after reports of incidents in the cities of Sorriso and Primavera do Leste. (State of Mato Grosso Police)

Yara carries out the first transport of fertilizer with a truck powered by vehicle natural gas, that enabled a 10% reduction in freight emission of greenhouse gases. First shipment transported 32 tonnes of bulk fertilizer from the Yara Industrial Complex, located in Cubatão, to Sumaré, both cities in the State of São Paulo. (Yara Fertilizantes)

In compliance with court decision, Anvisa approves toxicological evaluations of the pesticides lambda-cyhalothrin 250 g/L CS (CCAB) and chlorothalonil + cyproconazole + trifloxystrobin (Syncrom). (Anvisa)

AgriBrasilis tool developed in partnership with AllierBrasil provides information about all approved pesticide registrations in record time. Product name, registrant company, approved pests and crops, formulation and other information are available. Leaflets, labels and registration certificates can be accessed through the link. (AgriBrasilis; AllierBrasil)

Thiago Bortoli is the new head of new business models & ventures Latam at Bayer. Previously, Bortoli held the role of head of marketing Latam at Climate LLC, a company currently subsidiary of Bayer. (Bayer)

Banco do Brasil recorded a 64% growth in the amount released for funding of the agricultural season during the 110 business days of the 2022/23 season, involving the purchase of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides, reaching US$ 11.46 billion. (Banco do Brasil)

Sales of inputs for the 2023/24 season is affected by the higher prices. Agricultural production is still being influenced by high fertilizer prices. For almost 18 months, fertilizer prices rose consecutively, starting to decrease only in August 2022. Current levels are still significantly higher than in 2020. Until the current harvest, the movement of anticipation of purchases was intense, with a large portion of farmers purchasing fertilizers already at the end of 2021 to be used only after September 2022. In 2022, acquisitions are slow, either because of the still high prices of fertilizers or the uncertainty about soybean trading values. (CNA)

Logistics manager at Adubos Araguaia was arrested on suspicion of fraud involving freight prices, causing an estimated loss of US$ 9.96 million, in the city of Anápolis, State of Goiás. According to the Goiás Civil Police, the suspect overbilled amounts paid in exchange for commissions. (PCGO)

Commission for Economic Development, Industry, Commerce and Services of the Chamber of Deputies approved a proposal that obliges companies that manufacture and import pesticides to publish their manufactured or imported quantities annually and to demonstrate net profits for the previous year through the internet. PL 2356/19, from Deputy João Daniel, amends Law 7802/89. According to the deputy, the intention is “to make it clear to the society who are most responsible for the proliferation of pesticides in the country and publicize the enormous profitability of the companies that dominate this sector”. Proposal will be analyzed by the Constitution, Justice and Citizenship Commission (CCJ) and by the Plenary. (CDEICS)

José Leonardo Artioli and Guilherme Leonel Dias are the new head of customer experience and head of SBS (custom service program for large accounts) at SoluBio, respectively. Maurício Schneider, former CRO, is now the company’s new CEO. (SoluBio)

Brazilian startup Symbiomics announced that it should reach 10,000 microorganisms in its own bioinput bank by the end of 2022, that makes it one of the largest collections in the world. With the use of bioinputs in the farms, it is possible to significantly reduce the application of fertilizers, pesticides and greenhouse gas emissions. Microbial technologies generated approximately US$ 5 million in 2020 and should grow 150% in the next decade, according to a projection by Research and Markets. (Symbiomics; Research and Markets)

Cibra Fertilizantes invested US$ 283 million with the objective of growing 15% in 2023, expanding production capacity at facilities in Uberaba, State of Minas Gerais, and Sinop, State of Mato Grosso. Company’s estimated revenue for 2022 reached US$ 1.51 billion, with capacity to produce 2.3 million tonnes annually. In 2021, the group earned US$ 940 million. (Cibra Fertilizantes)

MAPA incinerated 65 tonnes of smuggled and counterfeit pesticides that were seized in the State of Mato Grosso during operations to remove illegal inputs from circulation. Products were valued at US$ 6.74 million. (MoAg)

Yara gives up on acquiring a Petrobras factory in the State of Paraná. Acquisition was almost finalized in July, for approximately US$ 50 million. There was speculation throughout 2022 about the sale of two assets left over from Petrobras’ former fertilizer operation, especially after the company withdrew from closing a deal with Russia’s Acron in April. Acron would buy the nitrogen manufacturing site in the city of Três Lagoas, State of Mato Grosso do Sul. (Petrobras; Yara Fertilizantes; Acron)



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