Brazil Agrochemical Update - 04/20

Anvisa approves pesticide toxicological evaluation of azoxystrobin (Albaugh) and glufosinate ammonium salt (Syncrom) in compliance with court decision. (Anvisa)

Growth in unloading of fertilizers in ports of Paraná causes a waiting time of 60 days. Advance purchases increased the pace of imports in Paranaguá and Antonina. There are 22 ships waiting, with more than 644 thousand tons. (Ports of Paraná)

Cargo of pesticides valued more than US$ 6.5 million seized in Araraquara, State of São Paulo. Products come from robbery and theft of companies. (Araraquara General Investigations Police Station)

Trade and use of pesticides containing the active ingredient clomazone is prohibited in the State of Santa Catarina, mainly due to drift during application. (Santa Catarina Integrated Development Company)

27 types of pesticides were detected in water for human consumption in more than 2,300 Brazilian cities. Among the found substances, 16 are classified by Anvisa as extremely or highly toxic. (Water Quality Surveillance Information System)

Wheat desiccation increases herbicide consumption, totaling sales of U$268 million in 2021. There was an increase in pre-harvest desiccation area. (Spark Inteligência Estratégica )

At least 24 ships carrying 678,000 tons of Russian fertilizers are expected to arrive at Brazilian ports in the coming weeks. 11 ships left ports such as Saint Petersburg and Murmansk, after February 24, after beginning of the conflict in Ukraine. Most are carrying potassium chloride. (Agrinvest Commodities)

Ceres Agro Bank will allocate US$ 217.4 million for resellers to buy fertilizers, serving 25 distributors. (Ceres Agro Bank)

Federal Highway Police makes the largest seizure of illegal pesticides in the history of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, on road BR-285, in the city of Ijuí. Value of the pesticides found exceeds US$ 108 thousand. (PRF)