Overview by AgriBrasilis (January 23th - 29th)

Approximately 37% of corn fields were classified under poor condition. If predicted rainfall is confirmed, some of the corn may still recover. Only 22% of the fields are in conditions classified as good or excellent(Buenos Aires Cereal Exchange)
During 2021, National Registry of Employers and Rural Workers carried out 92 training sessions for 7,768 professionals. Were addressed topics regarding safe application and handling of pesticides, machinery management, tractor maintenance, among others. (Renatre)
Manuel Otero, Director General of the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture, is re-elected for the period 2022-2026. (IICA)
Garantia-Safra authorizes payment to 74,000 family farmers in January 2022. Aid of US$ 154 will be paid in a single installment to farmers in 100 different cities. Authorized amount exceeds US$ 11.54 million. (Ministry of Agriculture)
Situation of emergency declared in cities in Rio Grande do Sul affected by the drought, totalizing almost 70% of the total number of cities in the state, with numbers increasing weekly. Drought caused an increase of 180% in forest fires this year, with almost 2 thousand occurrences. (Ministry of Regional Development)
Around 119 thousand hectares lost due to excessive rainfall in Minas Gerais. Corn, black-beans and vegetables were the most affected. (Emater – MG)
To avoid contamination by African swine fever, Ordinance No. 2/2022 renews the ban on feeding cattle, buffaloes, pigs, goats and sheep with food scraps or animal residues, that can cause contamination , in the State of Santa Catarina. (Secretary of Agriculture, Fisheries andRural Development)
Fruit exports record, with sales of more than US$ 1.21 billion, 20.39% higher than expected until December 2020. (Conab)
The worst drought in history with 13 consecutive years with below-regular rainfall. Maule Region is the only one with a Strategic Water Management Plan, which aims to cognize the water supply and demand
of its hydrographic basin. Ministries of Agriculture and Public Works mobilized US$23.5 million to fight drought in 2021. (Ministry of Agriculture)
Agriculture is leader in attracting foreign investment. From January to September 2021, 19 projects were carried out, valued at US$ 300 million, which represents an increase of 32% over the previous year.
Agricultural sector is undergoing great diversification motivated by precision agriculture, specialty coffee, hass avocado, palm oil, among other products. (ProColombia)
National Institute of Forestry and Agricultural Research indicates that epazote (Dysphania ambrosioides), also known as Santa Maria herb can be used iin the control of corn weevil (Sitophilus zeamais),  demonstrating mortality above 90%. (Inifap)
68,400 boxes of papaya exported to the USA in 2021, in 57 containers weighing 957,600 kilograms of papaya. (USDA)
Pumpkin production across the Republic of Panama has increased in the last five years by 160,496 quintals, which represents 117% and a growth rate of 21.4% compared to last year, with an increase of 168,835 quintals, of which 23 % were produced for the export market. (MIDA – Ministry of Agricultural Development)
Weather extremes cause an exponential increase of fires in the South of the country. Satellite monitoring records ground temperatures of up to 65°C, and air temperatures of over 40°C. (Department of Meteorology and Hydrology)
New record for banana exports in 2021. Revenue generated from banana exports US$ 19.3 million, 23.7% more than in 2020, when shipments reached US$ 15.6 million. (Ministry of Industry and Commerce)
Record production of Blueberry, with an increase of 30% in export volumes and 26% in value, consequently surpassing Chile. (Fresh Fruit Perú)
Swine fever vaccination campaign starts in Cusco. The goal for the first semester is to protect 80,442 animals and benefit 8,044 producers. (Servicio Nacional de Sanidad Agraria del Perú)
Egg prices increase 14% to 19% after death of 400,000 laying hens in a heat wave. (Granjero Observatory)